Payday Express Review - Is Payday Express A Good Payday Loan Lender?

Payday Express is a well established payday loan lender in the UK. It is a direct lender and not a broker, so you get a swift response when you apply for a loan through them, and they have one of the highest acceptance rates in the industry.

They lend up to £800 and charge 25% per loan term. And all they require is that you have a UK bank account with a debit card; and you must be at least 18 years old and be a permanent UK resident.

Overall, Payday Express has received a positive rating from customer reviews and online comparison sites. And it is classed as one of the best payday loan lenders in the UK. Many customer reviews show that it has a fast deposit service and has no hidden costs.

However, there are pros and cons associated with Payday Express. And we've included them below, so you can make an informed decision when applying through this lender.


1. Most payday loan lenders will only consider your application if you're in full-time employment. Payday Express, on the other hand, welcomes all kinds of applicants and that includes the part-time employed, temporary workers and contractors. And all they require is that you earn at least £750 per month and have sufficient funds on your payday to repay your loan. But they don't accept the self-employed, as they require wages to be paid directly into the bank account.

2. Payday Express has one of the most informative websites. It has all the information you need to make the right choice when applying for a loan. And it includes detailed instructions on how to manage your payday loan. The FAQ section is also the best we've seen and has an answer to any question you may have about payday loans and Payday Express.

3. Payday Express is also one of the fastest at depositing funds into your bank account after approval. They transfer funds every 45 minutes, 7 days a week. And the majority of customers receive their money within 45 minutes of completing the application form. But they may at times need to verify certain details by calling; and this could delay the transfer time.


1. Unfortunately, Payday Express do carry out a credit check on your application. And they need to do this before they can approve your loan, rather than asking you to fax documents to them. But the credit check is only carried out on your first application and ensures that the process is faster and funds are transferred instantly.

2. Payday Express require you to include your work phone number and they may contact you at work. But they'll never disclose where they're calling from if someone else other than you answers the call. However, it would be best to include a direct phone number for your place of work.

3. Their website is not yet compatible with mobile devices, but they are working to change this in the future.


Overall, Payday Express is a good lender and we highly recommend them. They have other unique features you won't find in other lenders; and that includes a loan slider that makes you aware of borrowing charges based on the length of your loan.

And they also accept you if you're paid weekly and not monthly and you can repay the loan on your fourth payday or you can stagger payments over your next four paydays.

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Payday Express Review - Is Payday Express A Good Payday Loan Lender?

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